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Native American Research and Preservation, Inc.

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We are a Colorado based 501 (C)(3) non-profit corporation.
Our mission is to locate, document, research, and preserve prehistoric and historic Native American sites.

When these important parts of our history, your history, are destroyed by ignorance, carelessness, or vandalism - they are gone forever.
We work with Native American Tribal Historic Protection Offices, elders and archaeologists from across the country.
We also work extensively with the USDA Forest Service, BLM, State Land Office, State Archaeological chapters, Archaeoastronomy experts, National Park Service, Colorado Wickiup Project, the Smithsonian Institution, and other groups and people dedicated to saving and monitoring sites.
For Native Americans, these places and objects are alive with ancestral spirits and therefore have special traditional, ceremonial, sacred and other meanings. Please be respectful of these areas. Treat them as you would want your spiritual place treated.
You Can Help Us!
Please do not pick up or take any artifacts. Where an object is, is as important as what it is. Instead, take photographs or draw sketches. We can learn much by what was left behind, but the story is destroyed when artifacts are taken.
Do not buy artifacts - this only encourages looting.
Never move any stones. Do not climb on stone structures or go inside them. This permanently damages the sites integrity. Native Americans believe this takes away from the power of the place.
Educate yourself about the Resource Protection Laws which are in place to protect and preserve historic and prehistoric archaeological resources.